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Is the service life of a transparent medical silicone tube long? The transparent medical silicone tube used for medical instruments has the characteristics of high transparency, tasteless, good aging resistance, good tear resistance, good resilience, weak acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance and so on. It can work normally at -50~250℃, with excellent insulation and air permeability.

But transparent medical silicone tubes are generally translucent, with some mist, unlike PVC hoses which are transparent. The transparent medical silicone tube parameters interinteract because the silicone rubber itself is translucent in color. If it is transparent, it will change the physical structure of the silicone rubber itself to do the parameters. How much it changes will affect the service life of the transparent medical silicone tube.

Medical Grade Vacuum Hose

How do we test the quality of clear medical silicone tube?

  1. Flame retardant test
    The silicone tube is lit under an open flame and extinguished naturally after 5 seconds.
  2. After the pressure test
    Fold the silicone hose to be tested for 180 times, 3-5 times in total, and then perform the pressure test.
  3. No obvious deformation or elongation in the tensile test
    No cracks after three bending, no folds on the surface of the silicone tube.
  4. High temperature test.
    The silicone tube passed the tunnel furnace test 1-2m, the surface should not be yellow, bubbles and other bad appearance. After high temperature pressure test, the silicone tube meets the pressure requirements.
  5. High pressure test
    Sample the silicone tube, sample, and then the corresponding conductor through the silicone tube. Pressure gauges are used to test one end of a conductor, the other end of which is moved back and forth through a silicone tube. At this point, the silicone tube has been damaged. If an alarm is issued, it fails, and vice versa.

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