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At present, the independent development ability of automobile silicone oil hose tubing industry is relatively weak. The auto tubing market analysis and research report pointed out that some enterprises are still in the stage of expanding production scale and producing low-grade products, lack of independent innovation consciousness, resulting in the widening of the gap with foreign countries. But at present some domestic scientific research institutions and enterprises are working hard to develop high value-added products to shorten the gap.

Automotive Oil Hose Tubing Market

In 2008, the unexpected financial crisis quickly spread from the United States to Europe and China, China’s automotive oil tubing industry has been affected to a certain extent. The upward trend of the entire automotive tubing industry was blocked, and most companies reduced production.

In 2009, automotive tubing companies using automatic control technology, started to upgrading of production equipment and production technology, some enterprises of oil cooler hose key technology for automatic monitoring, construction of the automatic control production line, and some enterprises these played an important role to improve the quality of automobile tubing products.

Rubber Fuel Hose SAEJ30R6
Rubber Fuel Hose SAEJ30R6

Research report points out, auto oil line hose as a loss, even if the truck demand decreases, but the huge automotive aftermarket demand will remain relatively stable, when foreign buyers and dealers accessories consume the inventory, or to continue purchasing, therefore, automotive tubing export market after a few months ago after the downturn, gradually began to thaw.

Since 2009, the export orders of auto oil tubing began to pick up gradually, most of the auto tubing enterprises have returned to normal production, and the market demand of some enterprises is even better than the same period last year.

Market analysis shows that in the process of China’s silicone oil hose industry from big to strong, many oil pipe enterprises should strengthen technological innovation and resource integration, and also need to strengthen management, improve the level of core technology research and development, and form scale effect.

On the one hand, this is to respond to the OE(auto manufacturers supporting) demand. It is to win more competitive space in the expanding aftermarket of automobiles.