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Today’s medical silicone tube market has many brands and models, which provide us with more choices, but it does not provide different levels of manufacturers, so there are certain differences in product quality and performance.

Medical Grade Braided Hose
Medical Grade Braided Hose

How do choose a high quality medical silicone tube?

  1. Attention to the level of selection
    When we choose silicone tubes, we must pay attention to the grade. The silicone tubes on the market mainly include industrial grade, food grade, and medical grade silicone tubes, and the higher the grade of these types of silicone tubes, the more expensive they are. The scope requirements are also different, so we must choose a more suitable medical silicone tube according to our actual situation.
  2. Choose the right size
    Medical silicone tubes also have different inner and outer diameters and different wall thicknesses, and the tolerance range allowed in industry standards is also different. Usually, the tolerance range of small medical silicone tubes is controlled at about plus or minus 0.05, and the tolerance range of large ones is generally controlled In plus or minus 0.01.
  3. Fully consider the problem of work pressure
    When we purchase medical silicone tubes, we must fully consider the pressure bearing problem of silicone tubes. Different pressure bearing requirements have obvious differences in wall thickness requirements and material requirements. If medical silicone tubes serve more water or weakly acidic fluids, and some strong acidic fluids are not suitable for medical silicone tubes, and the temperature of medical silicone tubes is best controlled between minus 50 degrees and minus 200 degrees.
  4. we must ensure the quality of the product
    When purchasing medical silicone tubes, you must ensure the quality and performance of the products, so it is best to choose some well-known brands of products, because the product quality is more guaranteed, and you must carefully check the manufacturer and production date of the product when choosing , production labels, instructions for use, etc., do not buy some three-no products, otherwise it will have an adverse impact on our medical care.

Therefore, when we purchase medical silicone tube, we must pay attention to the methods and methods. We must fully consider the grade, size, length, working pressure, fluid suitability, and use environment of the above-mentioned medical silicone tubes, so as to be better. Developing the miraculous effect of silicone tubes to serve our medical needs is also a skill we must master when purchasing.