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As a car owner, the replacement frequency of car air conditioning hoses are not as high as that of car brake hoses. For example, for the maintenance and maintenance of the car, when the car reaches a certain number of kilometers or reaches a certain service life, the brake hose of the car must be replaced.

But the car air-conditioning tube is still very important. The car air-conditioning tube is used to transport refrigerant in the car air-conditioning system. Although the damage of the car’s air-conditioning hose will not cause a fatal risk to the safety of the car, in the case of high temperature, it is conceivable how bad it would be if there is no air-conditioning and refrigeration system in the car.

Air Conditioner Hose SAE J2064 Packing
Air Conditioner Hose SAE J2064 Packing

Orientflex air conditioner hoses are guaranteed for one year, but with proper use, they can last for 3-5 years or even longer. The car air-conditioning tubes we produce are durable, low-permeation, aging-resistant, ozone-resistant, and vibration-resistant. At the same time, Orientflex, as a manufacturer of automotive rubber hoses, not only can produce automotive air-conditioning hoses, but also has the ability to provide accessories such as air-conditioning hose ferrules, air-conditioning hose fittings, etc.

When you need auto air conditioning hoses and their accessories, such as ferrules and different codes of joints and fittings, we can provide you with the best cost performance choice. Save you a lot of cost and time. We can provide one-stop service. Contact us for more details.