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As a professional PA hose manufacturer, and supply to worldwide car part industries. We have ISO9001 ISO14001 approved certificate, and our hoses quality is recognized by our clients. In this piece we want to show you the applications of PA nylon hoses, and different PA materials.

Besides rubber brake hoses, nylon hoses are widely used as brake hoses, using in cars, motorcycles, electric cars, etc. Nylon brake hoses’ color is not limited in black color.

About the PA hose materials, if you are in this industrial, you might know about PA6 and PA12 material hose. Aims to different material needs, we can manufacture and supply both types. PA12 material is relatively more expensive, but the performance is excellent as well, especially the low-temperature resistant performance.

If you required specific length of the nylon hose, we can cut it as your requirement. We can provide your required hose assemblies and crimp it on the hose. Concerning the packaging, we can provide refined individual packaging if you need. We have competitive price as a PA hose manufacturer, if you need it, welcome to contact us.