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Pneumatic hose quality inspection is divided into four steps, as follows:

Material Check
Our PU hoses raw material has very high quality. We purchase raw material from the China leading factory HUAFENG and WANHUA, we signed the long-term strategy cooperation contract with them, they do provide high quality and stable raw polyurethane material. We will check from the raw material to the end products. Ensure each production process.

PU Hose Color Check
PU hoses widely use in pneumatic tools, they have many color choices. The most common and popular color is blue color. As well as yellow color, orange color, red color, transparent color, even sliver color, etc. When we see PU hoses, first we will see their color. Thus, as the PU hose producer, our quality inspection team will also check the colors. We produce pure and beautiful color PU hoses.

PU Hose Packing Check
Most common packing is with reels, of course we are able to do the customized design for PU hose packing. When our rich experienced people work on packing, we have professional quality check department people to check whether the packing is ok and 100% fit for customers’ requirements. Therefore, you don’t need to worry, we will do our best on the details.

PU Hose Size and Weight Check
Some bad supplier do not provide the standard sizes of the PU hose. But we never do that. We will measure the reel weight and check the sizes, we can send the proves and videos to customer before delivery. The size and weight of our PU hoses will be very standard.

Hope Orientflex quality pneumatic PU hoses can serve your future needs.