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Proper use of rubber hoses can ensure the service life of the hose. Normally, the service life of rubber hose is 4-5 years, and if used properly, the service life will be longer. Today OrientFlex  silicone rubber manufacturer listed the matters needing attention for using the hose for you.

Precautions for using rubber hoses:

1. The pressure should not be overloaded

Rubber hose and rubber hose assembly should not be used beyond the planned working pressure (including impact pressure). For example, the working pressure of rubber pipe is 5Mpa, and the conventional working pressure of rubber pipe can not be greater than this value. Long-term use of excess value will reduce the service life of rubber pipe, and serious work accidents will occur. Therefore, be sure to use rubber hoses at the recommended pressures.

2.Can not exceed the temperature

Rubber tube and rubber tube assembly temperature range is generally in -40℃-+120℃, rubber tube transport medium temperature, under normal circumstances should not exceed -40℃-+120℃, otherwise it will reduce the use of life.

3. The bending radius shall not be less than the normal value

Rubber hose and rubber hose assembly should not be used less than the small bending radius of the hose to prevent bending or bending near the pipe joint. Excessive bending may obstruct hydraulic transmission and material delivery or damage the hose assembly. Therefore, please use the hose with the bending radius above. Otherwise, the hose may break and reduce the pressure resistance.

4. Don’t drag the rubber hose

Transfer of rubber pipe and rubber pipe assembly should pay attention to the surrounding environment, should not be dragged on sharp and rough surfaces, should not be excessive bending and flattening. Do not tread on rubber hoses under constant pressure with a vehicle.

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Notes during Rubber HOses inspection:

1. Check before use: before using the hose, please confirm whether there is abnormal trauma, hardening, softening, discoloration and so on on the appearance of the hose

2, regular inspection: during the use of rubber hose, please be sure to carry out a regular inspection once a month.

Rubber Hoses Precautions:

1. Please select hose joints suitable for hose size.

2. When the tail part of the joint is inserted into the hose, apply oil to the hose and the tail of the pipe, and do not bake with fire. If it cannot be inserted, hot water can be used to heat the hose and insert the joint.

3. Insert the end of the sawtooth pipe into the rubber hose completely.

4. Do not use the joint that can be pushed in once. It may cause the crack of the rubber hose.

5. Please avoid excessive ligation of iron wire. Please choose special sleeve or cable tie.

6, please avoid using scarred or rusty joints.

OrientFlex has been producing rubber hoses for many years. If you need to purchase rubber hoses, please contact us for quotation!