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Today is to share with you the production technology of silicone hose. There are three main techniques. Including molded silicone hoses, extrusion silicone hose, special silicone hose. And we’re going to talk about that in detail.

Molded Silicone Hose

Molded silicone product usually absorbs high-temp molds. We add solid silicone raw material to a vulcanize machine. While color paste is to adjust the color as the Pantone color card number. The mold shape determines silicone product’s shape. Molded silicone product is currently popular in the silicone industry.

Extruded silicone Hose

Extrusion machines produce extruded silicone products. Generally, extruded silicone is long. Moreover, the tubular shape can be cut at will. However, the shape of extruded silicone has limitations. Medical and food industry usually use them. We Orientflex, can produce industrial grade silicone hose as well as medical and food grade.

Special Silicone Hose

Special silicone products are based on the chemical properties of silicone. Meanwhile, we add some auxiliary. Special silicone hose resists high temperature. Besides, we offer you food and medical grade silicone hose. Of course with FDA certificate. Moreover, it can be luminous with auxiliary.

If you are looking for silicone hoses, come and talk to us.