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A must-have for professionals: A silicone hose terminology dictionary

Silicone Hose

Whether you’re a newcomer to the silicone industry or a seasoned professional, this comprehensive resource provides detailed explanations of terminology and related information to help you better understand and apply silicone hose technology.

What is a Silicone Hose?

A silicone hose is a flexible tube made from silicone rubber, known for its exceptional properties, including:
High-Temperature Resistance: Withstands extreme temperatures ranging from -60°C to 250°C without deformation or discoloration.
Chemical Corrosion Resistance: Remains unaffected by harsh chemicals like acids and alkalis, maintaining its stability.
Biocompatibility: Does not react with living tissues, making it suitable for medical and food applications.
Flexibility and Durability: Offers excellent flexibility and durability, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Odorless and Tasteless: Does not impart any odors or flavors, making it ideal for food and beverage applications.
Easy Cleaning: Smooth surface allows for effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Silicone hoses
Silicone hoses

Silicone hoses application

Silicone hoses find extensive applications across various industries, including:
Medical: Used in infusion tubes, catheters, and medical devices.
Food Processing: Employed in food transfer, brewing, and packaging equipment.
Chemical: Utilized in corrosion-resistant piping and chemical reaction apparatus.
Electronics: Serves as insulation protection and heat conduction conduits in electronic devices.
Automotive: Employed in high-temperature hoses for automotive engines and hydraulic systems.

Purchasing Considerations

When selecting silicone hoses, consider the following factors:
Material Quality: Ensure the use of high-purity silicone rubber.
Specifications and Dimensions: Choose the appropriate inner diameter and wall thickness based on specific application requirements.
Certification Standards: Verify that the product complies with relevant industry standards and safety regulations.

Flexible Silicone Hose

Silicone Hose Selection

When choosing silicone hoses, carefully consider the following aspects:
Purpose: Select the appropriate material and type based on the intended use of the hose.
Size: Choose the appropriate hose size based on application requirements.
Pressure Rating: Select the appropriate pressure rating based on the pressure the hose will withstand.
Temperature Range: Choose the appropriate temperature rating based on the operating temperature range of the hose.
Additional Considerations: Factor in other considerations like corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and biocompatibility.

90 degree silicone bend


This comprehensive dictionary aims to provide a thorough understanding of silicone hose terminology and its applications across diverse industries. If you have any questions or require assistance regarding silicone hoses, feel free to contact our team of experts. We are committed to providing you with the support and consultation you need.


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