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Today, orientflex like to share you some use tips for PU Hose.
Pneumatic Hose uses for compressed air, normal industry uses and non-corrosive oil.
If need to keep long lifespan, the hoses need to have stable work pressure and work environment.
When temperature is high, the work pressure will be decrease. If too high, the hoses may be exploded.
Besides, the fluid has a corrosive chemical cost, which may cause the hose to rupture.
Hoses storage is also very important. The hose may break in a humid place or for a long period of time will cause hydrolysis or aging of the hose.

Where to use the PU Hoses

PU hoses can uses for air brakes, pneumatic automation machinery, painting machinery, various pneumatic tools, etc. Also, it uses for air compressors and various connected pneumatic components, pneumatic hydraulic machinery, and so on.
Also, the hoses can make as recoil hoses. Recoil hoses use for trucks/trailers/semi-trailers etc.
Besides, we also can produce Polyether-based PU hoses. It is resistant to hydrolysis, antibacterial and antifungal. So it uses for garden, clean, water hoses and other purposes.

Now, i think you’ve known well for Pneumatic Hose. If you have hoses needs, welcome to send us inquiry. Thanks.