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Orientflex owns a PU hose factory, and has produced PU hoses for more than 15 years.

Today, i’d like to share you different pack ways for PU hoses.

1.Plastic Reels +Carton pack

PU hose packs with plastic reels. The roll length can be 50m,100m,200m,etc. Also, it will put into the cartons.

Plastic Reels Carton pack

2.Plastic films+Carton

The hoses are packed with pack belts and plastic films. Then, it will put into cartons directly.

Plastic films Carton

3.Customize Paper package

The pack reels can change into Paper material. The paper can print into clients’ logo.  We have many clients choose this way. This is a good way to help clients to expand brand influence in their markets.

Customize Paper package

Now i guess you may know the PU hose package very well.

Overall, we can supply kinds of pack styles. If you have special require, please feel free to tell us. Then, we can do as your request. If you have PU hoses inquiry, welcome to contact us.