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Orientflex has produced PA PU hose for more than 15 years. So, today i’d like to show you our workshop.

Workshop Introduction

Below are our production line photos. We have strict workshop management system. you can check our workshop. It’s very bright and clean, right?

Our production machine is advanced and accurate. Therefore, we can promise the hose sizes are no problem.

We have 11 production line. Moreover, each production line can produce 10,000meter in a day. That is to say, we have strong production capability.  So, even when you have bulk order needs, or have urgent orders, we can adjust the production plan and meet your require.

Now we have 40HQ of PA12 hose order, and the order is in production now.

Our workers, Mr.Liu and Mr.Li are working on the hoses. During the work, they are rigorously and seriously.

PU hose workshop

Pneumatic hoses series




Orientflex can supply PU hose, PA hoses, PE hoses. Also,we can make recoil hoses. What’s more, we can supply different color, size and length,etc.

We exported to many regions, American market, the Middle east, and Southeast Asia we all have many clients.

If you have any hoses needs, welcome to contact us.  We will give you best prices and services.