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Besides customized silicone hoses for fitting the specific cars’ uses, there are standard silicone hose. The blue silicone hoses are one of the common and popular selections in the European market. Also, we can produce other colors of silicone hoses, red silicone hose, black silicone hose, orange silicone tube, etc. The color can be adjusted as your required colors.

We, Orientflex has been manufacturing standard auto silicone hoses for many years. We own thousands of molds to manufacture silicone hose. Rich production experience and mature production technology of silicone hoses made us earn reputation from our customers in European, South American, American, Australian, Middle East market, and Southeast Asia regions, etc.

silicone hose

We produced rubber hose has a smooth and bright surface, the inner wall is also very smooth. We use 100% pure high quality silicone raw material, and the reinforced fiber is also with a very good quality.

Before the delivery, we will check the sizes, wall thickness, etc. And share the photos and videos to our clients. Like the picture of 35mm U shape silicone hoses, we will keep the error margin very low. This order is just ready to be shipped to our European client.

We are open to everyone, if you need silicone hoses, welcome to send us your requests, we wish to cooperate with you in the future.