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Corrugated silicone hose appearance inspection content:

  1. Take 3 samples with a sample length of 240mm for each random inspection;
  2. Keep a distance of 300-500mm, visually inspect the finished bellows, and first observe whether the outer surface has the following appearance defects: damage, scars, oil stains, pores, notch dislocation, leakage and burrs;
  3. Then conduct a hand feeling test on the rigidity, flexibility and elasticity of the bellows;
  4. Use scissors to open the bellows, and inspect the inner wall of the bellows to see if the inner wall is smooth and flat, and scratches and raised foreign objects are not allowed.

Criteria for judging whether the appearance of the bellows is qualified or not

When the appearance of the bellows meets all the following requirements, it is judged as qualified, otherwise it is unqualified. Testing and judging criteria: anti-distortion, no damage, no scars, no oil stains, no air holes, no misalignment, leakage and burrs in the slot, smooth inner and outer walls, no scratches and raised foreign objects are allowed.

silicone corrugated hose
silicone corrugated hose

Flexible Silicone Hose packaging inspection

Production inner packaging: the number of joints in each roll cannot exceed 2; the joints and cutting ends in each roll must be wrapped with white tape for reinforcement and marking; PVC stretch film must be tightly and evenly wound; the reel size of each roll The size requirements of a single roll must be met; the content of the inner packaging label of each roll must be consistent with the actual product, and it must be neatly posted on the outer surface of the PVC stretch film.
Outer packaging for shipment: Secondary packaging of the stacked corrugated tubes with kraft paper (to ensure that all the corrugated tubes are covered), and then tightly packed with tape and then packed into a snakeskin bag; the content of the product outer label must be consistent with the actual The product is consistent and neatly posted on the outer surface of the snakeskin bag.
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