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Today, I would like to share with you the recent customer’s custom-made silicone heater hose service in our company.

1.Customized Length
There was a customer from European, he needs to use silicone heater hoses on a system. Originally the system requires 3 meters blue color silicone heater hose, and 3 meters in red color. As well as 0.4 meters silicone hose in blue. Usually when we produce silicone heater hoses, it was a continuous length in 50 meters. But we can cut them into the specific lengths.

2.Customized Packaging
Because this customer also ordered other parts for the system in other factories, such as pump, heater, etc. After he requires sample from us. I prepared a silicone heater hose sample. It is exactly the same as he needs, 20*12mm size and 3m 3m and 0.4m length. Then, I used a transparent film to wrap the sample and sent to his other supplier. This is for checking the packaging.


We all wanted to find the best solution for the packaging. Finally after testing, we will ensure packing with the transparent film. However, the center diameter must be larger than 17cm. Thus, the other part can fit into our hose packing core. Every points the customer wants us to satisfy, we will try our best to cooperate and find the best solution.

3.Customized Printing
We can do the customized printing on the silicone heater hose. Usually each printing text space is one meter. We can print the customer’s band name, the product information, etc.

As a professional silicone hose factory, Orientflex can satisfy all the customized needs.