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In fact, the application of silicone heater hose is very extensive. Orientflex, we are not only capable of producing silicone tubing according to customers’ needs. We can also recommend the most suitable material to customers according to their project needs, and even provide hose accessories.

For example, we have a customer in Europe who wants to develop a hose for a hydronic heating system. Through the test, the PVC hose, rubber hose cannot meet the customer’s water delivery temperature requirements and pressure resistance requirements.

Clients find us. We give suggestions on using silicone hoses to help customers develop this project together. Realize the customer’s purpose.

The silicone tube has good high temperature resistance, and it can transport hot water for a long time without any problem. The customer requires a pressure resistance of 1-3bar. The silicone heater hose can also meet the requirements of the project.

Silicone Heater Hose
Silicone Heater Hose

We give suggestions from the performance of product materials and professional analysis. We can help customers provide samples for testing. Make sure everything runs smoothly. If the quality and goods are approved to use, we can do the bulk production.

One of our value is to help customer solve the problem, provide one-stop service. Thus, it shows our team profession and passion. If your project needs high temperature resistant hoses, silicone hoses, welcome to tell us your needs. We have a professional team here to help.