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Today, I sorted out about silicone hose features for everyone.

Silicone hose features

Silicone hoses: non-toxic, environmentally friendly, high transparency, strong elasticity, compression is not constant deformation, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, fire resistance and other characteristics.
Mixer heat to hold: silica gel than conventional rubber, has a much better heat resistance, can be used at 150 degrees almost unchanged characteristics, can be used at 200 degrees for 10,000 hours, 350 degrees can also be used for a period of time.
Subject: the softest silicone is 40 ± 5 degrees, the softest silicone is 50 ± 5 degrees, and the hardest is 80 ± 5 degrees.
In pieces silicone hoses: the minimum diameter is 5 mm, the thickness of the wall is the thinnest to make 2 mm, the maximum diameter is 500 mm.
◆ Material standard: silicone rubber, fiber layer plus layer
◆ Silicone hose pressure: 0.3-0.9MPa
Silicone: anti-aging, corrosion resistance, seismic, etc.
◆ Operating temperature range: -65 degrees-250 degrees

Silicone hose applications:

  1. Silicon hose is used for transport, automotive (engine cooling, cooling, intake, exhaust and turbo-supercharging), shipbuilding industry.
  2. Silicon hose used for radio, engine: telecommunications industry
  3. Silicone tube is used for surges, equipment for the measuring industry
  4. Silicon hose is used in the aviation industry.
  5. Suitable for home appliances, lighting, medical equipment, beauty salons