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Silicone hoses have a wide range of applications. It can be seen in industrial, medical, food, aerospace and other industries. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, UV resistance and aging resistance. The most important thing is that it is colorless, odorless, and a green and environmentally friendly product. So do you know the production process of silicone hoses? Today OrientFlex silicone hose manufacturer to share with you.

The silicone hose manufacturing process:

1. Rubber mixing: The raw materials for mixing rubber are mixed with double-24 or platinum vulcanizing agent or silica gel masterbatch in a double-stick rubber mixing machine, and pressed into a layer of uniform thickness of silica gel extruded material.

2. Extrusion molding: install the mold on the head of the silicone extruder. The compounded rubber is divided into shapes of the same size and length, which is convenient for feeding from the inlet of the extruder. Then feed through a silicone extruder, extrude a very soft silicone hose, put the silicone hose into an 8-meter long drying tunnel, and vulcanize it at high temperature. The silicone hose coming out of the drying tunnel can be semi-finished and then wrapped.

3. High temperature vulcanization: Put the wound silicone hose into the oven, the ordinary silicone is 180 degrees, the gas-phase silicone hose is 200 degrees, and the high temperature is 2 hours, and the secondary vulcanization is carried out to remove the odor on the silicone hose, prevent frosting and change yellow.

4. Follow-up processing: the rest is to carry out subsequent processing such as cutting or bonding according to the length required by the customer. Then pack and ship to customers as required.

Silicone hose production process:

The production method of silicone tube is as follows: extrusion molding, molding, bonding and other processes. Take the extruded silicone tube as an example:

①Mixing: Mix the silica gel evenly, add color masterbatch, vulcanizing agent (platinum vulcanizing agent, BOP vulcanizing agent, double two-four vulcanizing agent).

② Install the mold in the silicone extrusion equipment, silicone extrusion machine, feeding and vulcanization molding, hollow silicone tube, Japanese-character silicone rubber tube, medical silicone tube, etc. use this kind of process;

③Secondary vulcanization, for products with incomplete vulcanization, use the second-stage vulcanization process, or oven baking!

④ Cut off the silicone tube according to different needs.

⑤ The silicone tube is processed again, such as the food-grade silicone tube in the fresh-keeping box and the lunch box, and it is glued into a silicone sealing ring (silicon rubber sealing ring). KL-301 silicone tube glue, heat the two ends of the silicone tube together in the takeover machine.

⑥ Due to strict requirements, the medical silicone tube is mostly extruded with platinum vulcanizing agent and liquid silicone; under the action of 300 medical silicone glue, it can be glued together with stainless steel metal and PVC/PP plastic tubes.

silicone braided hose
silicone braided hose

The above is the silicone hose manufacturing process shared for you. I hope this sharing will be helpful to you. If you find it useful, you can share it with your friends.