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As a silicone hose supplier, today we reveal the silicone hose supply market in China.

Silicone hoses applied fields

One of the key drivers of the silicone hose market in China is the increasing demand from a wide range of industries. Silicone hoses are used in everything from automotive applications to medical devices, and the versatility and durability of these hoses make them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

With a large and highly skilled workforce, Chinese manufacturers have been able to produce high-quality hoses at a lower cost than many of their competitors in other parts of the world.

Silicone hoses in auto industry

In this piece, let’s focus on the semi-manual manufactured silicone hoses applied in auto industry. Such as the silicone meter hoses, silicone bends, silicone hump hose, or OE silicone hose sets, etc. These silicone hoses are widely used in auto industries. Because compared rubber hoses, silicone hoses have a wider temperature resistant range (-40-220℃), good tensile strength and pretty good looking. Orientflex can produce and supply customized color or painting silicone hoses.

China Silicone Hose Supplier Quality

One of the reasons why the silicone hose market in China has been able to grow so rapidly is because of the country’s focus on innovation and technology. Chinese manufacturers have been investing heavily in research and development, and have been working closely with customers to understand their needs and develop products that meet their specific requirements. This has enabled them to stay ahead of the competition and produce high-quality hoses that are reliable, durable, and cost-effective.

From the silicone raw material to the end products, each process has been continuously improved. Now, our auto silicone hoses have been exported to all over the world. They are preferred by the US, European, and South American customers. Gain the preference from developed racing industrial countries proves our silicone hoses’ quality.

orientflex is your trusted silicone hose supplier in China,If you have any demands, welcome to talk to us.