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Last time I shared with you why silicone hoses is best for cars?Due to its excellent heat resistance, the silicone hose can also be used as a flexible joint for the turbocharger air pipeline and oil return pipeline. Today, I will mainly explain to you about the application of silicone hoses for cars.

Automotive silicone hose is mainly used in fuel hose, brake hose,radiator pipe, air conditioning hose,  and so on.which are mostly distributed in the three major systems of automobile chassis, engine and body to transport oil, The functions of air, water and power transmission are important parts of automobiles.

Types and characteristics of rubber hoses for vehicles

Rubber connecting hoses on automobiles can be roughly divided into three categories: low-pressure hoses, high-pressure hoses and oil-resistant hoses. Although the structure of the hose is different, it is generally composed of three basic parts:

The inner rubber layer, the reinforcing layer and the outer rubber layer. the inner rubber layer is the working layer of the hose contacting the medium, which plays the role of sealing the medium and protecting the reinforcing layer. The reinforcement layer is the part of the hose that is under pressure, while giving the entire hose the necessary stiffness and strength. The cover is the protective layer of the hose.

1. Low-pressure hoses include radiator hoses and brake bleed hoses.

The mechanical properties of the low pressure hose are not high. When selecting, mainly check its appearance size, the appearance should be free from delamination, plastic holes, blistering, wrinkles, cracks, dents, distortions, uneven wall thickness, etc. If necessary, the heat aging test of the connecting hose of the radiator can be done.

2. High pressure hoses include brake system and hydraulic system connection hoses.

The reinforcement layer of the high-pressure hose is made of braided hose and winding hose. The high-pressure hose is required to have good pressure resistance, oil resistance, and flexibility, no cracks at low temperatures, vibration resistance, and small expansion. The inner rubber layer must be uniform, the surface should be smooth, and there should be no pores; the reinforcement layer should be tightly bound to the inner rubber layer; The outer rubber layer should also be closely attached to the reinforcement layer so that it is not damaged. The metal joint threads at both ends should be tightly embedded in the glue surface. In addition to checking the appearance and size of the high-pressure hoses, the pressure-resistance test should be carried out one by one before use.

3. Oil-resistant hoses include gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil and fuel hoses.

The oil resistant hose has good oil resistance and can be used for a long time under working pressure. The external dimensions should meet the regulations, and the threads of the hose joints should be undamaged to avoid oil leakage after tightening.

1. Fuel Hose

fuel hose

Now many brands use fuel hoses, such as Audi, Jetta, Fukang, etc., according to the different uses of arylon fiber, the inner layer is fluorine rubber and epichlorohydrin rubber, the outer layer is epichlorohydrin rubber. It is a composition of fuel hoses ready to work.In the automobile fuel system, the fuel pipe connects the fuel tank, carbon canister, oil pump, crankcase and other components, on the one hand, transmits the fuel to the engine for combustion work, and on the other hand transmits the evaporated oil and gas, the fuel that does not participate in the combustion, and the fuel exhaust gas to the fuel purification.

2. Brake Hose

AN3 Brake Hose
AN3 Brake Hose

Brake hose is an irreplaceable part of automobile brake system, The quality of the brake hose on the automobile is very strict, which is related to the important parts of the vehicle and personal safety, and has good aging resistance and moisture permeability.automobile rubber parts are mainly used to transmit braking force to automobile brake shoes or brake calipers to ensure the continuous operation of braking force.

3. Radiator Hose

EPDM Radiator Hose
EPDM Radiator Hose

Used for auto radiator hose natural cooling, heat dissipation material for EPDM, adopt synthetic fiber reinforced its structure,It has the characteristics of breaking strength, ozone resistance, bonding strength and so on.The car radiator hose is a flexible pipeline connecting the car engine and the radiator, and it is one of the key components in the key parts of the car. Silicone hoses are used as the main components of radiators and heaters, and have a long service life (5 years), which can travel at least 800,000 km.

4. Air Conditioning Hose

1-Air Conditioner Hose SAE J2064
1-Air Conditioner Hose SAE J2064

It is used in automobile air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, and it completes the repetition of refrigeration by transmitting refrigerants with different pressures and gas-liquid states. With the application of the new environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a, the structure and material of the air-conditioning hose change greatly. The inner rubber layer is made of resin and chlorine. The structure of butyl rubber and EPDM rubber becomes the best combination of air conditioning hose.

5. Power Steering Hose

Power Steering Hose SAE J188
Power Steering Hose SAE J188

The contact medium of the power steering hose is mineral oil, which requires the hose to improve heat resistance and durability. In order to improve heat resistance, power steering hoses also use fluorine rubber, but because fluorine rubber easily reacts with some additives in oil, the application is limited.

The above is about the application of silicone hoses in automobiles. If you think this blog is useful to you. Can be shared with friends around you.