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Silicone hose widely serves in chemical industry to transfer fluid. It is much better than other materials, such as rubber or plastic. Because it is flexible and resist chemical and high temp. Here are some benefits of silicone hoses.

Seven benefits of silicone hoses

Chemical resistant
Silicone hoses can bear a wide range of chemicals like acid, alkali and solvent. It can bear them for long periods without break down.

High temp resistant
This hose can work at high temp up to 232℃. Thus it’s ideal to handle hot fluids. It can also bear rapid temp changes without crack or brittle.

This hose is flexible and can bend and twist easily without kink or collapse. While this makes them easy to install in tight spaces.

Silicone hose is durable and have a long service life. It can work at harsh condition and exposure to UV light.

Silicone hose is non-toxic and do not contain harmful things. Thus it is suitable for food and medical use.

Easy to clean
Silicone hose is easy to clean and sanitize, thus it’s ideal for harsh places.

Air tight
Silicone hose will not allow gas or fluid to seep through the material. While this makes it suitable for fluid transfer work.

In summary, silicone hose is an ideal choice for fluid transfer.