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Cars are very important to our daily life, and it’s more oftenly used now than before times.As the car will release a lot of heat in drive process, it has high requirements on the silicone hoses.

Silicone hose has excellent heat resistance, but also can be used as a flexible joint of turbocharger air pipeline and oil return pipeline, where the temperature is up to 205°C, universal organic rubber can not bear.Silicone hose can also be used as radiator and heater main components.

Silicone hoses advantages in usage

1. Silicone hose is resistant to High and low temperature impacts. What’s more, it is also insulation, oil resistant, age resistant, and so on.

2. Hose smell is very low. Also, it is harmless to humans during production.

3. Silicone tube also is oxygen resistant, ozone resistant, etc. The hoses surface looks very beautiful. Besides, Hoses performance is very stable as well.

4. Silicone hose is excellent in electrical insulation property.

Therefore, Silicone hoses is really a ideal material to use in cars. Do you have any inquiry of silicone hoses? Welcome to contact us.