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Some special applications require special silicone hoses. We have a customer, he needs the customized 200mm length silicone hump hoses. He uses the hump hoses for air cooler, at the outlet of turbo engine. He requires the hump hoses to resist very high temperature and high working pressure.
As a professional silicone hoses producer, we gave him suggestions. We suggested we can use aramid reinforcement. Compared to fiber reinforcement, aramid reinforced silicone hose can take higher working pressure. Secondly, we suggest to increase reinforced layers. Usual silicone hose are 5mm thickness 4ply reinforcement. After discussion, the customer decided to make 7mm thickness with 6ply aramid reinforcement.
Because the silicone hump hose needs to work continuously in a high temperature. So, we use flucosilicone lining and special high temperature resistant silicone material outer layer. Thus, under the condition without an open flame, the continuous working temperature can be stable at 240°C, the max temperature can reach 300°C, the instant max temperature can be 350°C.
So, if your application requires the silicone hump hose in a special working environment, please tell me, Orientflex are able to work together and find the best solution.