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Many silicone product manufacturers have experienced various phenomena such as streaks, traces, and matte on the surface of the mold when making silicone molds. As a professional manufacturer of silicone products, let me introduce the causes of this phenomenon and our solutions.

1. Surface streaks of silicone products, causes of traces:

   During the manufacturing process of silicone products, the surface of the mold may have unevenness, traces and streaks because the product or model to be copied is not polished or polished.

  Because the model or the product itself is not smooth or perfect, the product or model to be copied will not be aesthetically pleasing or smooth if it has not been polished or polished. In another case, when the mold release agent is applied, even if the paint is not evenly applied, the mold is not smooth. Polishing is an important part of making a wristband mold.

silicone hose
silicone hose

2. How do we eliminate the streaks and traces on the surface of silicone products?

  Silica gel polishing: The surface of the mold is smoothed by regular dissolution. Due to the microscopic inconsistency of the surface of the silicone product mold, the microscopic convex portion of the surface is preferentially dissolved, and the dissolution rate is greater than the dissolution rate of the concave portion; and the dissolution of the film and the formation of the film are always performed simultaneously, but the rate is different, resulting in a product The surface roughness is leveled to obtain a smooth, shiny surface. Thereby, the surface of the mold is prevented from being smooth, with traces, streaks and the like.