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Silicone rubber hose has excellent insulation, heat resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics, can improve the performance of various parts of the car, almost all aspects of the automotive industry. Silicone rubber for automotive gaskets and other seals for the car from the headlamps to the oil filter and other devices to provide a strong, durable seal protection, leak-proof and durable, at extreme temperatures and pressure will not appear cracks or rupture.First of all, let us talk about the application of silicone rubber hose in automotive industry.

For the connections, silicone connection can protect the electrical connectors, including electrical plugs, including electrical connections, to avoid moisture and corrosion.
First, the connector includes a plug housing and an inner terminal portion.
Plugs are generally insulated, fixed and protected inside the metal terminals, but also easy to connect or disconnect the daily connection. Terminal part of the metal conductor, transmission power or signal, play a conduction effect, the connector is really connected to the transmission power or signal carrier.
Car connector is the same, plug and socket connection, the internal male and female terminals connected to conduction, you can work to transfer power.
Automotive connectors have higher requirement, must consider anti-vibration, dust, temperature and other environmental factors. Its shell is usually used silicone coupler for protection, silicone has excellent insulation, heat, oil, anti-aging and other characteristics, can play a very good protection.