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After the reform and opening up, China has rapidly developed into the world’s second largest GDP. China’s continuous development, social demand is also increasing, which resulted in the emergence and development of many industries, which is a silicone tube industry characteristics. The increase in the number of factories, the development of national industry, the need to use this pipe where more and more, then how did he produce it? What is the difference between it? Next to introduce the production and introduction of silicone tube.

Silicone tube can be divided into “extrusion tube” and “heterosexual tube”. Silicone is produced by the silicone grease added to the mixing machine or kneading machine, and then add carbon substances and processing agents produced by repeated refining. And ultimately in accordance with the specifications of the product to produce different coffins. Now the silicone made of pipe more and more applications to the modern industrial and defense industry, in the daily life of the use of more and more. In recent years, this pipe has also begun to apply to the electronics industry, such as conductive silicone rubber.
Its pressure will generally be greater than 6.0KV, its proportion in 1.2 or so, the working temperature of -60 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius between the use.

Characteristics of silicone hose

Silicone tube is an environmentally friendly, harmless pipe, after the SGS detection, you can put into the market for sale. It can be used for a long period of continuous use, not because of long hours of work, resulting in damage to the pipe heat is too high, because his working temperature has a great span. It has many features such as soft, resistant to arc, corona resistant, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, high pressure characteristics.
The production of silicone tubes has had a huge impact on the industry, which greatly promoted the development of modern industry.