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Silicone tubing is a hose that everyone often uses, but do you really understand the production process of silicone tubing? The general production process of silicone tube includes: rubber mixing-extrusion-secondary vulcanization. The standard of silicone tube surface inspection is as follows:

90 Degree Elbow Silicone Hose
90 Degree Elbow Silicone Hose

1. Bubble:

A. The maximum bubble size does not exceed 20% of the wall thickness

B. No bubbles or pits on the outer surface of the tube

C. The continuous length of small bubbles cannot exceed 4 inches

2. Gel particles

A. Platinum silicone tube outer surface gel particle protrusion can not exceed 0.005 inches

B. No more than 4 gel particles exist within 1 inch

3. Color

The product produced in the production operation of the standard operating procedure, the color of the whole roll should be consistent

4. Surface defects and scratches

A No obvious flaws and scratches

B. The trace of collision is not longer than 0.5 inches

C. Within 12 inches of length, there are less than 3 draw marks when the tube is extruded

D. The particle size of impurities embedded in the wall of the tube is less than 20% of the wall thickness, and does not exceed 0.015 inches

Silicone Heater Hose
Silicone Heater Hose

How are silicone tubes measured?

The way each person measures evaluation specification is not the same, there will be a different standard value out.

In fact, the most accurate measurement method should be: use caliper stuck silica gel strip, then gradually raise the size of the caliper, this time not dropped when the size of the silica gel strip measurement for the specific size of the standard. Because the silica gel solid strip is formed according to extrusion, and then according to the drive belt in the curing furnace high temperature baking forming. Also due to the reason of thermal expansion and cold contraction, the specific size error is 0.1 meters compared with the engineering drawing size, which is attributed to all the normal difference.

The above is the inspection standard of silicone tube. Strictly according to the above standard, we can produce silicone tube with excellent quality.Contact hose silicone hose suppliers now!