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First of all, we usually compare the materials of silicone hose and rubber tube, and we can find the difference between them. You can smell the silicone tube with your nose is colorless and odorless, and the rubber tube has a smell. In addition, silicone tubing is generally more flexible, and rubber tubing is better mechanically. The specific comparison is as follows:

silicone vs rubber hose

first,Different nature

1. Silicone tube: It is the circulation and coating carrier of liquid, gas and other materials.

2. Rubber tube: It is a tube for gas transportation.

two,Different uses

1. Silicone tube: It can be widely used as a good electrical insulation seal and liquid conveying material in industrial sectors such as electronics, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, electrical appliances, medical, oven, and food. Precision representation, oil pipelines, sealing of household appliances, sealing of drinking water pipelines, medicine, etc.

2. Rubber tube: supporting electrical appliances, electronics, furniture equipment, toys, hardware, medical equipment, sporting goods, audio, lighting, machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, ships, and wire jackets with harsh working environments. It is not suitable for many materials. Sticky, can play a role in isolation and other fields of industry.

Three, the main performance is different

1. Silicone tube: It has excellent high temperature resistance (250-300℃) and low temperature resistance (-40-60℃) performance, good physiological stability, and has small resilience and deformation (200℃ for 48 hours no more than 50%), the breakdown voltage is (20-25KV/mm), ozone resistance, UV resistance. Radiation resistance and other characteristics, special silicone rubber has oil resistance and other characteristics.

2. Rubber pipes: Most rubber pipes are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, but some oil and gas pipes with higher requirements have flame retardants added to the rubber materials. The flame retardants contain toxic and harmful substances, which will have a slight impact on the human body and the atmosphere.

What is the connection between silicone hose and silicone hose?

From the point of the raw material of silicone rubber is belong to the branch of silica gel, and from product perspective is on the contrary, it is branch of silicone rubber hose, silicone hose so that in the long run it has confused the appellation, so call it silicone hoses in the market, such as silicone rubber hose, silicone hose, silicone tube, transparent hose, metal hose, is a meaning. The reason for this confusion is the difference in understanding from region to region. Because the domestic development of silica gel tube started relatively late so we have only three names for it, the first is silica gel tube, the second silicone hose, the third is called silicone rubber hose, and foreign love is called silicone hose, silicone hose.

From the performance point of view, silica gel hose is made of silicone rubber as raw material is not able to distinguish, the former can achieve the performance of the latter can also be achieved. What’s the relationship between them? To put it bluntly, they are all the same, there is no difference at all, but the artificial force to give it a name.

The above is the information about silicone vs rubber hose that I will share with you this time. I hope to be helpful.

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