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The quality of our silicone tubing is very popular in the European market. Silicone hoses ordered by wholesalers in Europe are being packaged and shipped.

In line with the establishment of long-term cooperative relations with customers, we produce and provide customers with good and stable quality silicone tubes.

We will provide clean and transparent plastic bag packaging. We pack the silicone tubes into the carton, and wrap it firmly with a woven bag to prevent the carton from being worn.

In addition, we will use pallets to pack and transport the goods safely and avoid loss of goods. We will provide a complete packing list so that customers can organize and find the silicone tubes they need very quickly. It is good for customers to sort and store.

If you also have silicone hoses needs, please contact us. Orientflex will provide you with a good factory price and quality silicone tubes. We will use the best service to satisfy all your needs.