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Silicone products have many performance characteristics such as high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, long life, flexibility, environmental protection and non-toxicity. They are widely used in our daily life. Common silicone products include silicone tubes, silicone sealing strips and silicone protective sleeves, but in the actual use of silicone products, various problems will be encountered. As a professional silicone product manufacturer, we will introduce the causes and solutions for the common quality problems in silicone products today. I hope that everyone can help.

silicone hose
silicone hose

1, dark spots

Cause: The molding temperature of the silicone product exceeds the tolerance of the color paste, which will cause water ripple after the silicone molding.

Solution: Control the temperature within the tolerance of the color paste

2, yellow

Cause: When the silicone product is used for a long time, the peripheral ring will cause yellowing of the silica gel;

Solution: Add anti-yellowing agent to silica gel raw materials or use better silica raw materials such as food grade silica gel, liquid silicone gel and meteorological gel.

3, absorb dust

Cause: Silica gel raw material contains silica gel desiccant, which will have strong adsorption force to the dust in the surrounding air.

 Solution: The production of silica gel products through the dust-free workshop can reduce the contact of silica gel with dust; or the method of spraying the oil on the surface of silica gel to reduce the adsorption of dust.

4, oil

Cause: The addition of a mixture of silicone oil and white mineral oil in the raw material of silica gel causes conflict with white carbon black to cause oil discharge;

 Solution: Control the amount of silicone oil and mold release agent. Generally speaking, silicone oil of silica gel material will conflict with high corrosion chemicals, and alkaline substances should be used to increase the adhesion;

5, moldy

Causes: Some additives in silica gel raw materials are the main factors causing mold, such as silicone oil, color rubber powder, vulcanizing agent, etc., which are the main nutrients that promote mold growth; the humid environment of storage environment will promote the growth of molds in silicone products;

Solution: Store the warehouse to be dry and ventilated, check the silicone products regularly for problems, and use mildew or mildew to treat mildewed silicone products.

6, pull poor

Causes: Usually, such a reason is that in the silicone oil molding process of silicone products manufacturers, in order to shorten the molding time of the product, the product output is increased by pressurizing and heating the machine, and the product is prone to a large number of defective products. The service life will be shortened;

Solution: Adjust the machine to suit the molding temperature of the silicone product and prolong its hydraulic forming time.

The above are the common problems and solutions for the silicone products that we have summarized. I hope to help you.