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According to the investigation shows that rubber pipe application in the car at a rate of about 25% growth, mainly braided hose and winding hose, including brake hose and cooling hose resin composite hose proportion is increasing;
Rubber Pipe in Automobile mainly connected to the engine and air filter, engine and radiator system, automotive air conditioning systems,like air conditioner hose. As a part of the intake system, it is close to the engine. Therefore, it needs high temperature, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and low temperature resistance.
There are many kinds of materials according to the processing technology. For example, NBR nitrile rubber is widely used in Vacuum brake hose, good oil resistance with high plastic content, but relatively poor ozone resistance; EPDM rubber for automotive water pipe series. Such as radiator hose, air conditioning tube and so on. There are some high-performance materials such as AEM acrylic high temperature and so on. Each rubber has its own characteristics, so in the hose selection material is particularly important above. Basically, high-grade cars use the material is relatively good, some micro-car, van used materials are poor, such as some micro-car in the use of nitrile rubber as a fuel pipe, nitrile rubber are not suitable for fuel systems. Thus replacing the chloroprene rubber fluorine hose is more extensive.

What are the characteristics of rubber pipe?

  1. Good processing performance, easy molding and other advantages, can be extrusion hot air vulcanization molding, mold molding, extension molding and other methods to produce a variety of products.
  2. Upper and lower temperature resistance: it can be used for a long time at 200℃, and it is still elastic at -60℃.
  3. Electrical insulation performance: the dielectric performance of silicone rubber is very good, especially the dielectric performance at high temperature is far beyond the ordinary organic rubber, the dielectric strength in the range of 20-200℃ is simply not affected by the temperature.
  4. Excellent high temperature compression deformation forever.
  5. Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance and UV resistance, long-term outdoor use without cracking.

It is generally thought that silicone rubber can be used outdoors for more than 20 years.If you need to purchase a batch of rubber hoses for cars, please contact us for an inquiry!