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Silicone hose widely serves in vacuum apps because it is flexible, temp and chemical resistant. The use of silicone hose in vacuum apps is common in lab and aerospace.

One of the key benefits of silicone hoses in vacuum is the ability to bear extreme temp. Silicone hoses can work at -60℃to 200℃. Thus it’s suitable for use in cryogenic as well as high-temp apps.

Another benefit is that it is flexible. Silicone hoses can bend and flex without crack or losing their shape. Thus it’s ideal for use in tight space.

Silicone hose also resists a wide range of chemicals and solvents. Thus it’s ideal for use in harsh condition.

In addition, silicone hose can be a variety of colors. Thus it’s easy to identify hoses that serve for specific use or fluid. This is really matter in lab or medical settings.

Overall, the benefits of using silicone hoses in vacuum are numerous. The hose is flexible and it can resist high temp and chemical.

Silicone vacuum hose is the most suitable hose for vacuum use. As it can bear negative pressure. If you need such hose or have any questions about it, welcome to consult Orient. We work on hose since 2006 and now we are a famous brand in the world. In the past 17 years, over 5000 clients from all over the world choose us as the partner. Contact us now and learn more.