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Nowadays, silicone tube is widely used, and it can be divided into extruded silicone tube and molded silicone tube according to different production methods. As a professional silicone manufacturer, we will take you to understand the two production methods of silicone hose.

Understand the advantages and characteristics of extruded silicone tube

It can be said that there is no limitation in terms of length by producing a silicone tube by extrusion. This is a good solution to the special needs of silicone tubing in some industries. The material is the same as the molded production, and silicone rubber of various materials can be selected for extrusion processing. Of course, the disadvantages of extruding silicone tubes are also obvious: many high-precision silicone tubes are not standard, and they have a great relationship with external factors such as weather, temperature and humidity during long working hours, so high-precision silicone tubes Generally not applicable with extrusion production.

Molded production is generally suitable for silicone tubes of relatively short length. Due to the limited area of ​​the molding machine, the long silicone tube can only be bonded, and the bonding effect is not as beautiful as one. The advantage of molding production is that the precision can be made higher than that of extrusion, and it is not affected by the weather, and the molding production method has more advantages in bending. The molding process can be processed in one time by molding, and the extrusion method is required to be twice bent in the production of the elbow and the bending is not too standard.

In general, the extrusion and molding production methods of silicone tubes have different advantages and disadvantages. The difference is mainly reflected in the appearance and precision. In the actual production process, it should be flexibly selected according to the actual situation.