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There are some difference between silicone tube, latex tube and rubber tube.This’s briefly distinguish the concept of these three:

First, silicone tube: also known as silicone hose. Used as a liquid, gas and other materials to circulate and coat the carrier. It has high temperature/low temperature resistance, no cracking, softness, natural non-toxicity, etc.

Commonly, it has transparent silicone tube, which is widely used in medical medical, industrial water transportation, electronic equipment, mechanical hardware, food diversion, liquid transportation, etc. field. The silicone tube is as flexible as the latex tube compared to the latex tube.

45 degree silicone hose
45 degree silicone hose

Second, latex tube Latex tube is made of latex material with different thickness and is mainly used in hospitals, equipment factories, power plants, yoga, children’s toys, scientific research laboratories, etc., and more involved in bungee jumping, trampoline and other entertainment places.

It has the characteristics of high elasticity, high tensile strength, good resilience and not easy to be deformed. It is common for plain latex tubes, and its elasticity is much higher than that of silicone tubes.

Third, rubber tube characteristics are physiologically inert, UV resistant, ozone resistant, high temperature resistant (-80 to 300 degrees), high transparency, strong resilience, compression resistance, permanent deformation, oil resistance, stamping resistance, acid resistance Alkali, wear-resistant, flame-retardant, voltage-resistant, conductive and other properties. In fact, the silicone tube is also a kind of rubber tube, which is resistant to oil and heat.

Three kinds of silicone hose application

These three kinds of hose are very different. silicone tube can be widely used in transportation, aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemical, machinery, electrical appliances, medical, oven, food and other industries, such as shipbuilding, communications, instrumentation, household appliances, lighting and so on.

Latex tubes are generally used in hospitals, equipment factories, power plants, scientific research laboratories and other fields, bungee jumping, trampoline and other entertainment venues are also involved.

Rubber hose is the most widely used, almost can be used in all industrial and agricultural production.

Finally, we can do a small test to distinguish between the three:

  1) The latex tube has white smoke when it is burnt, has a pungent odor, and the product after burning is a white oil.

  2) When the silicone tube is fired, it has white smoke and has a pungent odor. The product after burning is a white powder.

 3) The rubber tube has black smoke when it is burnt, has a pungent odor, and the product after burning is a black powder.

 4) Take the silicone hose and rubber hose to smell each other. The silicone tube is tasteless, safe and non-toxic, and the rubber is tasteful. The flexibility is not as good as the silicone tube, and the mechanical properties are better.