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Air intake hose is to transfer air to the interior of the car engine. Then the air burns mixed with fuel in the engine. The intake hose is located between the throttle valve and the engine intake valve. And it is the intake pipe from after the carburetor or throttle body to before the intake port of the cylinder head.

The failure of the intake pipe will cause the vehicle to shake. While the engine power will be insufficient and need more fuel. Besides, the engine fault light is on. Thus you have to go to the service station to check and replace as soon as possible. The engine intake hose is generally located between the throttle valve and the engine intake valve. The intake hose is the general intake pipe. While the intake manifold distributes air to each cylinder to support burn. Then the gas passes through the carburetor to atomize gasoline. Then Air enters the cylinder.

The engine intake is the passage for air to enter and exit the air filter. While the intake pipe is the manifold that connects the air filter to the carburetor. The intake manifold is the hose that connects the bottom of the carburetor at the upper end to the intake valve of the cylinder block.

The intake pipe includes an intake main hose and a branch. Besides power, the engine must also have good emission ability. On gasoline engine, the intake pipe must also consider burn moisture. On a diesel engine, it is also required that the air flow passes through the intake port. While this is to form an intake vortex in the cylinder to improve the formation.

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