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Silicone hose plays a critical role in food factory. Here are some of the impacts of such hose on this industry.

Silicone hose is non toxic and non reactive. Thus it’s ideal for use in food use where hygiene is critical. It’s also easy to clean and sterilize, which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful germs.

Silicone hose can work at high temp and pressure. So it is a safe and reliable choice for food use.

Silicone hose can be a range of sizes. It’s ideal for liquid and gas in vacuum and pressure apps.

Silicone hose is more expensive than others. But it has longer service life. Thus it’s a cost-effective choice in the long run. This is especially true in food use.

Silicone hose is compliant with FDA and other food certificates. While this ensures that it meets the safety and hygiene standards.

In fact, silicone has been the most popular material for food use. In our daily life, many things are silicone. For example, the nipple. In addition, the coffee machine hose and some toys are silicone.

Orient is an expert in silicone hose. We offer you braided hose, vacuum hose and steel wire hose. While all of them are good for food use. Besides, we offer you unique one-stop service. Thus if you need such hose, Orient will be the best choice.