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Silicone hose plays a crucial role in the semiconductor industry. As it can handle high temp and harsh chemical. This industry requires clean room. While the silicone hose is an ideal choice to prevent dirt and keep the rook clean.

In this industry, large quantity high purity water is to clean and process. While this need silicone hose to transfer this water. Because it resist corrosion and do not leach impurity into the water. In addition, it can bear high temp and harsh chemicals. Thus it’s suitable for use in various stages, such as CVD and etch.

Silicone hose also serves to transfer gas such as nitrogen and argon. They are also in the process. The hose can prevent the diffusion of gas. Thus it ensures that the gas remains pure and free from impurity.

In a word, silicone hose is a great part in high-end industry. It helps to maintain clean and pure condition and ensure the quality and purity of the products. Besides, the flexible and chemical proof hose is ideal for many uses in such work.

In fact, silicone has been the top grade material for many high-end uses. For example, aviation. But you have to choose the hose from a reliable supplier. As a bad quality hose will cause huge loss in such apps. While Orient is just a reliable supplier. Since set up in 2006, quality and service are always the priority of us. We offer the best quality hose, thus over 5000 clients choose us. Contact us now and get more details.