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Choose the right sizes of silicone hose is matter to ensure the performance and efficiency. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Flow rate
The diameter of the hose will impact the flow rate of the fluid or gas. A larger diameter hose will allow for greater flow rates, while a smaller diameter hose will restrict flow.

Work temp
The size and wall thickness of the hose will also impact its ability to bear high temp. A thicker hose can better bear high temp, while a thinner hose may be more easy to get damage.

The size will also impact its pressure rating. A thicker hose can bear higher pressure. But a thinner hose may be more prone to burst or fail under high pressure.

The size of the hose will impact its flexibility. Then affect the install and route. Thinner hose is generally more flexible, while thicker hose can be more rigid.

When choose the size of a silicone hose, it’s matter to consider the special use. Then think about flow rate, temp, pressure and flexibility to ensure the normal work. It’s also important to choose a high quality silicone hose from a reputable supplier. Because it concerns to the service life.

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