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High-performance silicone hose widely used in industry, medical treatment, food and other fields. It has excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, cold resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, and is widely favored by users.

However, due to the complexity of its manufacturing process and the high cost of raw materials, the price of silicone hose is relatively high, so some issues need to be paid attention to during the procurement process.

Five aspects to choose silicone hose

Determine the material of the silicone hose

Silicone hoses are made of different materials and have different characteristics, so the appropriate material should be selected according to actual needs when purchasing.
There are three main materials for silicone hoses, namely pure silica gel, silicone inner rubber outer cloth and silicone inner rubber outer silk cloth. The price of pure silicone hose is relatively high, while the prices of silicone inner rubber outer cloth and silicone inner rubber outer silk cloth are relatively close, but the price of silk cloth is slightly higher than that of inner rubber outer cloth.
Different applications require silicone hoses of different materials, such as food-grade silicone hoses, medical silicone hoses, etc.

Determine the size and length of the silicone hose

The size and length of the silicone hose are related to its pressure, flow, corrosion resistance and other properties. When purchasing, you need to choose the appropriate size and length according to your actual needs.
Some silicone hose suppliers provide customized services, which can make silicone hoses of special sizes and lengths according to customer needs.

Pay attention to the production process of silicone hose

The production process of silicone hose affects its quality and performance. When purchasing, you can ask the supplier about the production process and quality inspection. Some regular silicone hose manufacturers will strictly implement national standards and industry standards, and conduct a number of quality inspections to ensure the quality and safety of silicone hoses.

Pay attention to the price of silicone hose

The price of silicone hose is affected by many factors. For example, it is related to its material, size, length, thickness, production process and other factors. Lower-priced silicone hoses are often of lower quality, have a shorter service life, and are prone to problems such as aging and cracking.
When purchasing, it is necessary to consider the price and quality comprehensively, and choose a silicone hose with high cost performance.

Pay attention to the credibility of suppliers

The supplier’s scale, production process, equipment and testing methods need to be comprehensively inspected and evaluated to ensure that the product complies with relevant international and industry standards. The reputation of silicone hose suppliers directly affects the quality and after-sales service of silicone hoses.
Choosing suppliers with qualifications and good reputation can reduce procurement risks and ensure product quality and after-sales service.

To sum up, the purchase of silicone hose needs to consider factors such as material, size, length, production process, price and supplier credibility. Through reasonable selection and use of silicone hose.