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With the use of silicone tube more and more frequent nowdays, many investors will be transferred to the direction of investment in Braided silicone hoses investment. These entrepreneurs introduced advanced production equipment and talent, but when the product off the assembly line but found that should be transparent colorless woven silicone tube is yellow, seriously affecting the product’s appearance and use. In the end what factors lead to silicone tube color yellow rather than transparent? For the new entrants investors questioned, engaged in years of research and development of silicone products engineers about the reasons.

The following two reasons cause the silicone hose to turn yellow

First, choose improper selection of vulcanizing agent
No matter what kind of silicone hose in the production, the use of curing agent is very important. Now the market has a common type of vulcanizing agent and anti-yellow vulcanizing agent two, although these two can play a good silicone curing effect, but its scope of application is still different, such as the general type of general use in non-exposed Silicone products or products that do not have a low color of silica are used, while anti-yellowing vulcanizing agents are used in silicone products that require higher transparency or require exposure. Therefore, when buying or adding curing agent must pay attention to the use of occasions and color requirements.
Second, in the production of vulcanization process control of the process is not in place
Woven silicone tube R & D personnel said that in the silicone tube production process if the production of mold heating temperature is too high, or vulcanization process time is too long may cause transparent silicone yellow situation. On this point may wish to experiment several times to find the heating and curing process the most appropriate temperature and time, in order to reduce the chance of silicone tube yellowing. In short, these problems in the production as long as strict control, or can be effectively avoided, so be sure to pay attention.
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