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Silicone hose plays a great role in the aerospace and defense due to its unique properties. Here are some of the key roles that silicone hose plays in such industry.

High temp proof
Silicone hose can bear high temp and extreme work. While these apps involve exposure to high temp. For example, jet engine and rocket propulsion system. Thus the hose will be the best choice for such works.

Chemical proof
Silicone hose highly resists a wide range of chemicals such as fuel, oil and solvent. This makes it ideal for such use, as the work condition will be oily.

Silicone hose is non-toxic and do not release harmful fumes. In addition, it will not affect other parts. Thus it’s suitable for defense work.

Silicone hose is highly flexible and can be a range of shapes. This makes them ideal for aerospace and defense where space and weight are at a premium.

Silicone hose is highly durable and can bear the rigors. Like exposure to high temp, chemical and vibration.

In fact, silicone widely serves in high-end process many years ago. Besides the above apps, it is common in race car, electronic and many other apps. But for these apps, you should choose the quality hose from a reliable supplier. As these apps requires high quality and long time work.

While Orient is such a reliable supplier for silicone hose. We set up special quality control system to offer you the best hose. Your success is our success and we will help you to create value.