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A human has many veins, as similar like the race car, which has layers of systems to support the function. The hoses in the cars work as an important carrier to move the fluids to where they need to be. The hoses’ functions in the cars are like the human bodies’ veins. Orientflex is the manufacturer of all the auto hoses to help with the fluids and gas to where it needs to.

To install the hoses, fittings are small but they are important. Sometimes, we ignore the effects of the fittings, but an inappropriate fittings might cause the problems. Thus, it is better we plan everything earlier. This is why the demands for the customized hoses and fittings have become more and more big, the customized hoses give the freedom to work in the specific situation.

Customized hoses for specific application purpose, you can find in Orientflex. If you need it to work in the high working temperature, customized silicone auto hoses might help. Silicone hoses can work in a high temperature. The shape can be customized, and specific car brand sets are available. Silicone hoses are widely used in the car modification, especially for the racing cars. Even some buyers love to the paint on the silicone hoses to make it special. All OE requirements can be satisfied.