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1. Review drawings.

The OEM silicone product like OEM silicone hose is generally based on the needs of assembly or modelling structure needs of separate mold production, so the integrity and accuracy of the drawing is very important, directly determine whether the silicone products can be opened mold and sample one-time test qualified. The fit degree, slack degree, size and so on must be fully considered in the design of the silicon products. Otherwise, easy to affect the assembly effect and product performance.

2. Required technology and processing method.

In order to achieve the desired appearance and functionality of silicon products, there are certain requirements for external technology. For example, sewing, transfer printing, packaging, coating and other ways. The production and processing of this product need more powerful manufacturers, familiar with all aspects of the technology and processing process. Otherwise, some of the suppliers found will not reach the expected target.

3. Choose the right silicone hose factory.

At present, there are many large, medium and small silicon hose manufacturers in China, some of which are specialized in producing silicon daily necessities, and some of which are producing industrial silicone hose supplies. Different manufacturers have different goals and advantages. When choosing a suitable silicon hose manufacturer, we should see whether the manufacturer has relevant qualifications according to our own customized products.

4. After finding a suitable silicon hose factory for the rights and obligations of both parties in the contract, the cooperation details of both parties must be carried out. At this point, the two parties must agree on the inspection standards for silicon products, and discuss the price, mold opening period, sample delivery, batch production period, payment method, etc. It must be in writing in the contract, not orally. This is also to protect the rights and interests of both sides.

In the process of OEM silicone hoses, in addition to the above points, we should pay attention to all aspects of the manufacturer, such as whether the quality management process is systematic and perfect, the manufacturer’s operation and management ability, etc.