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The food grade silicone hose is an addition-type silicone, a high-quality transparent food silicone with high transparency and stability. It can withstand high temperatures up to 250 ° C, and it will not be reduced when heated in a sealed environment.

Food-grade silica gel is made of high-quality silica gel (new imported food-grade silica gel raw material), which is processed by scientific formula and advanced technology. The product has the characteristics of softness, high temperature resistance and stable performance. With healthy eating today, food-grade silicone has gradually replaced food-grade plastic.

  1. Hold the silicone product in your hand, concentrate it in one place, and then pull the sides hard. The ones that appear in white are ordinary silicone, while the ones that do not appear in white are food-grade silicone tubes. Usually shopping needs to buy silicone products, and it can also be simple by hand, or it can be seen at a glance. It is very simple and the judgment method is very practical.
  2. The method is: sense of smell; the nose is close to the smell of silicone products, if it is pulled out white and has a spicy taste, you can conclude that it is ordinary silicone, not food grade.
  3. Hand feeling: food grade silicone hose has good toughness and elasticity, it is not easy to be permanently deformed by external force, and the hand feel will be smooth, but industrial silicone products are easy to change.

If the above three methods cannot be distinguished, you can ask the seller to sell the FDA inspection report. Food-grade silicone tube products have inspection reports, which is a simple way to judge.
Our company can provide product quality inspection reports. If you need to purchase, you can consult us and look forward to cooperating with you!