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Silicone products from raw materials to molding, the role of the silicone mold is very important. Through the mold we can make the silicone into any desired shape. After molding, the silicone product has an exquisite appearance that is not easily deformed, soft and comfortable to the touch, and has excellent elasticity and electrical properties. Insulation performance; according to different silicone molding processes, silicone molds can be divided into liquid silicone molds, compression silicone molds and extrusion silicone molds.

Extrusion silicone mold is an extrusion molding tube die applied to extrusion equipment. The silicone is extruded into the corresponding shape by feeding the extruder and then stored by the traction equipment. The development cycle of the extrusion mold is fast and the cost is low. High production capacity and fast delivery cycle; the disadvantage is that it is only suitable for tubular and strip-shaped extrusion-type silicone products, and is widely used in food, medical, chemical, machinery and other fields.

Compression molding silicone mold refers to heating and pressure vulcanization molding by mixing the rubber into a silicone mold. The output of silicone products is limited by the size of the mold and the tonnage of the machine. During the molding process, it is necessary to pay attention to the mold temperature, the proportion of the curing agent and the vulcanization. Time, commonly used in fields such as industrial miscellaneous parts and automotive parts, such as silicone gaskets, silicone suction cups, silicone dust plugs, silicone buttons, etc.

The injection pressure liquid silicone mold is called LSR, which is similar to the plastic mold structure. The liquid silicone is injected into the silicone molding cavity through the injection molding machine at the injection port of the mold to be heated and solidified. The product has high precision and high yield, and saves a lot of human power and raw materials. ; The production process of liquid silicone products need to pay attention to temperature, exhaust and vulcanization time; the disadvantage is that it is easy to stick to the cavity of the mold after curing, the mold needs to be equipped with a mature film release process, the product is used in mother and baby, electronics, kitchenware and medical fields For example, silicone diving glasses, silicone nozzles, remote control protective cases, liquid cell phone cases, etc.