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We all know that compare with other material hose, silicone hoses usually use in the high temperature applications. Like cars, transfer hot air and water. However, sometimes, we do not focus on how high temperature is when use silicone hose.
Silicone hoses usually can withstand and work in the temperature from -40°C to 220°. But if you need to use it in much higher working temperature, please remember speak to sales. Actually the temperature resistance capacity is the silicone raw material’s physical properties.
Moreover, the working pressure of the silicone hoses is also need to take care of. If your application needs higher working pressure. Then you can consider to change the wall thickness of silicone hose or add more ply fiber reinforcement. Generally speaking for cars, the silicone hose wall thickness and reinforcement layers have their own suggestions. But it can also be customized.
If your application has special requirements, welcome to talk to us. Our professional sales team will provide suggestions and solutions to you. Customized silicone hose sample is also available to make. Contact us, Orientflex.