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Today, silicone rubber becomes more and more popular in industry. It is specially popular in auto industry. Then next let me show you why it is popular.

Temp proof
Silicone hose is famous for its temp resistance. It can bear both high and low temp. It can work at max 260℃ and remains flexible at -40℃. Thus it’s ideal for use in the systems near engine.

Silicone hose is highly flexible. Thus it is easy to install and ideal for narrow space. Besides, it also helps absorb vibration and movement within the system. Then helps reduce the risk of hose failure.

Silicone hose is durable with a long lifespan. Besides, it can exposure to various auto fluids, such as coolant, oil and fuel. In addition, it can serve for a long time without any problem. Thus it’s a reliable choice for various vehicles.

Chemical proof
Auto silicone hose resists a wide range of chemicals like auto fluids and additives. While this helps prevent the damage caused by exposure to the fluids.

UV and Ozone proof
Silicone hose also resists UV and ozone. Thus it is ideal for outdoor use. It can expose to sunlight for long term without any degradation.

Easy to maintain
You almost don’t have to maintain the silicone hose. It is easy to clean and do not require special cares.

Wide Range of Size
Auto silicone hose is available in various sizes to fit different vehicles. While this makes it easier to find the right hose.

Aesthetic Appeal
Silicone hose often comes in different colors, such as black, blue and red. Thus you can ask for any of the color to customize your car. In addition to the color, other factors can also be custom. For example, the length and package.

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