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Rubber fuel hose plays a very important role in the automobile. It is a hose made of rubber material, so it is also very flexible when using. Well, what are the characteristics of rubber fuel hose? In the following content, we will introduce the relevant knowledge of the product to you in detail, hoping to be helpful to you.

As we all know, when high temperature and high pressure gas or liquid flows, it needs a pipeline that can withstand the high temperature and high pressure, which can fully ensure the transmission of braking force. It is not a material that can be replaced. In the hydraulic system, it plays the role of energy transmission, system lubrication, corrosion prevention, rust prevention and so on.

Therefore, for the transfer of energy resistance to high temperature and high pressure pipeline, it is very strict, many of them are now used in metal materials, but still have a lot of place in the brake disc using multiple wire shape bag with colloid tubing, the reason is that when considering the tires in turn changes, there are other parts follow-up time flexibility. If there is a fault in the car oil pipeline, it must not normally transfer energy, the car can not run normally, so the role of the rubber fuel hose is very great.

Our company’s rubber fuel hose is made of high quality rubber, we haves strict test at every step. Wear resistance, long service life. Welcome everyone to come to consult.

Rubber Fule Hose