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Car maintenance refers to the preventive work of checking, cleaning, replenishing, lubricating, adjusting or replacing certain parts of the car on a regular basis, also known as car maintenance.

Modern car maintenance mainly includes the maintenance of the engine system (engine), transmission system, air conditioning system, cooling system, fuel system, power steering system, etc.

What are the common car maintenance items?

I Minor maintenance

Minor maintenance generally refers to the routine maintenance items performed at the time or mileage specified by the manufacturer to ensure the performance of the vehicle after the car has driven a certain distance. It mainly includes changing the oil and oil filter.

Minor maintenance intervals:

The time for minor maintenance depends on the age or mileage of the oil used and the oil filter. Different brands of mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil, and fully synthetic oil have different validity periods. Please refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation. The oil filter is generally divided into two types: conventional and long-term. The conventional oil filter is replaced with the oil, and the long-term oil filter lasts longer.

Small maintenance supplies:

1. Oil is the lubricating oil for engine operation. It can lubricate, clean, cool, seal and reduce wear on the engine. It is of great significance to reduce the wear and tear of engine parts and prolong the service life.

2. The oil filter is the part that filters the oil. Oil contains a certain amount of colloid, impurities, moisture and additives; during the working process of the engine, metal chips generated by friction of various parts, impurities in the inhaled air, oil oxides, etc. are all objects filtered by the oil filter. If the oil is not filtered and directly enters the oil circuit, it will have an adverse effect on the performance and life of the engine.

IIMajor maintenance

Major maintenance refers to the routine maintenance of replacing oil and oil filter, air filter and gasoline filter at the time or mileage specified by the manufacturer.

Major maintenance intervals:

Major maintenance is based on the existence of small maintenance. Generally, these two kinds of maintenance are carried out alternately. The interval is different due to the difference of car brands, please refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation for details.

Supplies in major maintenance:

In addition to changing the oil and oil filter, there are the following two items in the car maintenance:

1. Air filter

The engine needs to suck in a lot of air during the working process. If the air is not filtered, the dust in it will accelerate the wear of the piston group and the cylinder. The function of the air filter element is to filter out dust and particles in the air, so as to ensure that sufficient and clean air enters the cylinder.

2. Gasoline filter

The function of the gasoline filter element is to provide clean fuel for the engine and filter out the moisture and impurities of the gasoline. This optimizes engine performance and provides the best protection for the engine.

Usually, when carrying out car maintenance, the operator will do other inspections according to the specific conditions of the car, and also add other maintenance items, such as inspection, cleaning and maintenance of engine-related systems, tire positioning inspection, inspection of various fastening components, etc.

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