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Silicone corrugated hose extrusion on the market is mainly divided into extrusion process and liquid injection process, and I currently use a double die head extrusion process production. It is similar to transparent silica gel tube, both are made of silica gel raw materials that can be biocompatible. transparent silicone hose can be delivered to customers after extrusion, and it is difficult to manufacture silica gel bellows.

First, it belongs to the special extrusion is divided into two die heads, the first die head extrusion tube (speed to control for the same or it will lead to the outer wall spacing is too large to produce products are unqualified products).

The second die head is the outer wall winding tube of the extrusion silicone bellows (this die head needs to be rotated and extruded faster than the first die head).

Silicone corrugated hose and transparent silicone hose are used in the same field as food respiratory drainage category, general customer requirements must meet FDA, LFGB grade. Silicone bellows are mostly used in ventilators, anesthesia machines and other aspects. Transparent silicone tubes are mostly used in drainage pipes. Bellows are mainly used to discharge oxygen or exhaust gas, which is a kind of auxiliary respiratory pipeline equipment.

Silicone Corrugated Hose
Silicone Corrugated Hose

Silicone corrugated tube has a very good transparency (especially liquid injection manufacture process, we have seen a bottle nipple with the material of both is the same), and very good resistance to yellow because silicone bellows is not a one-time items, it refers to the manufacturers in the production of secondary recycling so when they use is quality better gas phase glue production.

At present, the vast majority of silica gel raw materials used in the silicone bellows are used to pass the biocompatibility test, after all, the vast majority of these products are applied in medical manufacturers dare not be careless.

Silicone corrugated pipe can be manufactured a variety of flexible joint card buckle production diversification, the market is divided into small diameter bellows, and large diameter bellows, etc., each kind of different specifications, each are not identical, usage and application of large caliber of breathing machine, anesthesia machine and other auxiliary breathing pipe section, and small diameter is more used in industrial machinery products internal gas leading role. Division I is a professional manufacturing production and sales of silicone bellows, can open mold customized special bellows.